Health & Safety


Commitment to Health & Safety

Health & Safety and Hygiene is of the highest priority when parents are choosing a nursery. At Le Petit Poucet we understand that a child’s security whilst under our care is of the utmost importance, and that we have been entrusted by parents of the community to protect their children and provide a safe environment. Several policies are in place related to Covid procedures, general cleaning, sanitisation, Health and Safety, healthy eating and personal hygiene, all of which reduce illnesses and ensure a child’s wellbeing.

Le Petit Poucet Nursery and Kindergarten has been increasingly improving quality standards since 2014 to the highest level, complying with strict controls and requirements from the Ministry of Education, the KHDA, the Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Health Authority. It’s efficient and accurate reopening protocols and procedures made it the first nursery/kindergarten authorised to reopen classes during the COVID pandemic.

We take all measures to comply with high level health, hygiene and safety standards and provide ongoing support and training to all staff. We have a full-time nurse on site at all times and a fully equipped Clinic which is approved and certified by the Ministry of Health in Dubai.

All staff are fully trained on hygiene best practices with particular focus on understanding how easily infections can be transmitted and how important it is to take extra care to prevent this from happening. Toys and all surfaces are cleaned daily and sterilised once a week, hazardous situations are identified and eliminated to prevent accidents and injuries and parents are notified immediately should any incidents occur.

We strive to give peace of mind that children are protected from harm. Training is ongoing and mandatory for every staff member, so standards are maintained consistently.

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