AEFE homologation in progress


Following the visit of the members of the Consulate and the Embassy of France (U.A.E) at Petit Poucet in January 2023, we have started working towards the AEFE certification.

For those who are not familiar with the organization, the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) is a French public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Europe and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Institution is responsible for the control and management of the network of French schools outside of France.

LPP Team 1
LPP Team 2
The AEFE implements a pedagogical policy and ensures the application and respect of French school programs, multilingual education and openness to the language and culture of the host country to strengthen the assets of French education in an international context. The main objective is to support, promote and develop a school network that is unique in the world. The AEFE will have soon 566 schools in 138 countries, educating French children and children of all nationalities. Each year, LPP will be inspected and advised to maintain the required standards and beyond. The AEFE is the guarantor of the French educational system abroad.

Benefits for children and parents

  • To ensure the continuity of French education for children living outside France with their families.
  • To help families pay school fees by striving to keep costs to a minimum.
  • To grant scholarships to students of French nationality attending one of the network’s schools.
  • To help the families of French or foreign students to support the expenses related to the teaching in the nursery and elementary classes, in the second degree and in the higher degree.
  • To participate in educational cooperation by maintaining a special relationship with the culture, language, and educational system of the host country.
  • To contribute to the training of practitioners.
  • To promote the influence of the French language and culture by welcoming foreign students.
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